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Founded in 2003, We cultivate brands with “faith, passion and patience”. JJ40 is proud to be the distributor of interesting and powerful apparel and accessory brands worldwide. Original from Taipei, we create leading channels and self-owned brands, aiming to stand out on the global fashion stage.


We provide JOY and colorful products, turning the world into a playground for the child dwelling inside everybody.

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A Select shop for goods with fun, fashion and function. Preparing you to meet the difference and travel with delight.

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An e-commerce platform belonging to JJ40 that collects a variety of brands and products.

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Since 1962. From Brazil. The best rubber sandal in the world.

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Born 1911 in Torino, Italy, Superga started producing shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. The classic Superga 2750 range has been an icon over the world from the beginning until now.

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Made with Comfort. HamacaSole is the first shoes brand that JJ40 launched onto the global market in 2017. Once you experience HamacaSole on your feet, you will feel the magic of the sole.

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In pursuit of “one of a kind”! At TwinSocks we believe that the socks we wear are a reflection of who we are. Within our core lie playful, creative, and crazy ideals which make each pair of socks a unique yet perfect pairing

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“Stupid Bags For Smart People”. It’s the humor of our brand, and the philosophy of our bags.

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One of the leading mug brands in Japan. Created in 2000 after inheriting popular coffee culture from Europe, Thermo mug is renowned for its streamlined modeling and practical function. 

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